Molecular dynamics study of lattice rearrangement under mechanically activated diffusion

AY Nikonov and IS Konovalenko and AI Dmitriev, PHYSICAL MESOMECHANICS, 19, 77-85 (2016).

DOI: 10.1134/S1029959916010082

The paper presents a molecular dynamics study to investigate the behavior of materials under loading by friction stir welding (FPW). The loading is simulated by assigning constant angular and forward velocities to a certain group of atoms, being a FPW tool. The joined materials are two defect-free Cu crystallites, Cu and Fe crystallites, and two crystallites of the same solid solution structured as D16 (2024) alloy. It is found that as the tool passes along the weld line, the crystal structure of the materials is rearranged with subsequent mixing of their surface atoms. Under certain loading conditions, the crystal lattice after passage of the tool recovers its regular order. Also analyzed is the influence of vibrations additionally applied to the FPW tool. The simulation results provide a better understanding of the processes involved in mechanically activated diffusion.

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