Carbon Displacement-Induced Single Carbon Atomic Chain Formation and its Effects on Sliding of SiC Fibers in SiC/graphene/SiC Composite

JB Wallace and D Chen and L Shao, MATERIALS RESEARCH LETTERS, 4, 55-61 (2016).

DOI: 10.1080/21663831.2015.1091794

Understanding radiation effects on the mechanical properties of SiC composites is important to their application in advanced reactor designs. By means of molecular dynamics simulations, we found that due to strong interface bonding between the graphene layers and SiC, the sliding friction of SiC fibers is largely determined by the frictional behavior between graphene layers. Upon sliding, carbon displacements between graphene layers can act as seed atoms to induce the formation of single carbon atomic chains (SCACs) by pulling carbon atoms from the neighboring graphene planes. The formation, growth, and breaking of SCACs determine the frictional response to irradiation.

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