Crystalline Nanojoining Silver Nanowire Percolated Networks on Flexible Substrate

Q Nian and M Saei and Y Xu and GL Sabyasachi and BW Deng and YP Chen and GJ Cheng, ACS NANO, 9, 10018-10031 (2015).

DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.5b03601

Optoelectronic performance of metal nanowire networks are dominated by junction microstructure and network configuration. Although metal nanowire printings, such as silver nanowires (AgNWs) or AgNWs/semiconductor oxide bilayer, have great potential to replace traditional ITO, efficient and selective nanoscale integration of nanowires is still challenging owing to high cross nanowire junction resistance. Herein, pulsed laser irradiation under controlled conditions is used to generate local crystalline nanojoining of AgNWs without affecting other regions of the network, resulting in significantly improved optoelectronic performance. The method, laser-induced plasmonic welding (LPW), can be applied to roll-to-roll printed AgNWs percolating networks on PET substrate. First principle simulations and experimental characterizations reveal the mechanism of crystalline nanojoining originated from thermal activated isolated metal atom flow over nanowire junctions. Molecular dynamic simulation results show an angle-dependent recrystallization process during LPW. The excellent optoelectronic performance of AgNW/PET has achieved R-s similar to 5 Omega/sq at high transparency (91% @)lambda = 550 nm).

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