Strain fluctuations and elastic moduli in disordered solids

DM Sussman and SS Schoenholz and Y Xu and T Still and AG Yodh and AJ Liu, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 92, 022307 (2015).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.92.022307

Recently there has been a surge in interest in using video-microscopy techniques to infer the local mechanical properties of disordered solids. One common approach is to minimize the difference between particle vibrational displacements in a local coarse-graining volume and the displacements that would result from a best-fit affine deformation. Effective moduli are then inferred under the assumption that the components of this best-fit affine deformation tensor have a Boltzmann distribution. In this paper, we combine theoretical arguments with experimental and simulation data to demonstrate that the above does not reveal information about the true elastic moduli of jammed packings and colloidal glasses.

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