Molecular dynamics simulation of copper nano-cluster melting on the graphite substrate

G Chen and CJ Wang and P Zhang, PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF LIQUIDS, 53, 518-528 (2015).

DOI: 10.1080/00319104.2015.1007977

The melting processes of different-sized copper nano-clusters supported on graphite (0001) plane are investigated by the molecular dynamics method. In this work, the melting point is predicted through the caloric curve. The simulation results show that the melting point of the supported copper nano-cluster is higher than that of the isolated one with the same Cu atoms. In the heating process, the copper nano-particle will adhere to the (0001) face of graphite with its (111) face. Pair analysis results show that the copper atoms close to the graphite can keep with order arrangement even when the temperature is higher than the melt point of the isolated nano-cluster.

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