The peculiarity of the metal-ceramic interface

ZL Zhang and Y Long and S Cazottes and R Daniel and C Mitterer and G Dehm, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 5, 11460 (2015).

DOI: 10.1038/srep11460

Important properties of materials are strongly influenced or controlled by the presence of solid interfaces, i.e. from the atomic arrangement in a region which is a few atomic spacing wide. Using the quantitative analysis of atom column positions enabled by CS-corrected transmission electron microscopy and theoretical calculations, atom behaviors at and adjacent to the interface was carefully explored. A regular variation of Cu interplanar spacing at a representative metal-ceramic interface was experimentally revealed, i.e. Cu-MgO (001). We also found the periodic fluctuations of the Cu and Mg atomic positions triggered by the interfacial geometrical misfit dislocations, which are partially verified by theoretical calculations using empirical potential approach. Direct measurements of the bond length of Cu-O at the coherent regions of the interface showed close correspondence with theoretical results. By successively imaging of geometrical misfit dislocations at different crystallographic directions, the strain fields around the interfacial geometrical misfit dislocation are quantitatively demonstrated at a nearly three-dimensional view. A quantitative evaluation between the measured and calculated strain fields using simplified model around the geometrical misfit dislocation is shown.

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