Necking and notch strengthening in metallic glass with symmetric sharp- and-deep notches

ZD Sha and QX Pei and ZS Liu and YW Zhang and TJ Wang, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 5, 10797 (2015).

DOI: 10.1038/srep10797

Notched metallic glasses (MGs) have received much attention recently due to their intriguing mechanical properties compared to their unnotched counterparts, but so far no fundamental understanding of the correlation between failure behavior and notch depth/sharpness exists. Using molecular dynamics simulations, we report necking and large notch strengthening in MGs with symmetric sharp-and-deep notches. Our work reveals that the failure mode and strength of notched MGs are strongly dependent on the notch depth and notch sharpness. By increasing the notch depth and the notch sharpness, we observe a failure mode transition from shear banding to necking, and also a large notch strengthening. This necking is found to be caused by the combined effects of large stress gradient at the notch roots and the impingement and subsequent arrest of shear bands emanating from the notch roots. The present study not only shows the failure mode transition and the large notch strengthening in notched MGs, but also provides significant insights into the deformation and failure mechanisms of notched MGs that may offer new strategies for the design and engineering of MGs.

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