Cluster dynamics method for simulation of dynamic processes of continuum mechanics

VN Piskunov and IA Davydov and RA Veselov and BL Voronin and DA Demin and AM Petrov and NV Nevmerzhitskiy and VN Sofronov, DYMAT 2009: 9TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE MECHANICAL AND PHYSICAL BEHAVIOUR OF MATERIALS UNDER DYNAMIC LOADING, VOL 2, 1789-1797 (2009).

DOI: 10.1051/dymat/2009252

Described here is the cluster dynamics method (CDM) which is one of the variants of particle method intended for simulation of the processes associated with large deformations and continuity violation of the material. The basic advantage of CDM is the possibility to choose the base cluster and allows the simulation of the processes in a wide range of spatial scales (from micrometer to tens of centimeters). Described here is the construction procedure for cluster interaction potentials corresponding to real equations of state of material by the example of typical metals. Numerical simulation of shock wave arrival at profiled plate surface and high-velocity target penetration was carried out using CDM. The computational results are compared with experimental data and other computational results. The results show that CDM can be used for full-scale simulation of large deformation and dynamic fracture of materials at impulse loading at characteristic rates of relative deformation of 10(3)-10(6) s(-1).

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