Nanobending of nanowires: A molecular dynamics study

YD Yan and JJ Zhang and T Sun and WD Fei and YC Liang and S Dong, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 93, 241901 (2008).

DOI: 10.1063/1.3046790

Three-dimensional molecular dynamics simulations of the nanobending of copper nanowires are carried out. Simulation results show that the loading and unloading cycles of the nanobending test can reveal the full spectrum of the nanowires' mechanical properties. Up-tensile and bottom- compressive features have been observed along with the neck zone formation. Amorphous region formation is the mechanism of fracture and final breakage. The measured elastic modulus and yield stress are 49 and 7.6 GPa, respectively. Moreover, the effect of the adhesion on the nanobending process is revealed.

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