C-60/Collapsed Carbon Nanotube Hybrids:. A Variant of Peapods

HR Barzegar and E Gracia-Espino and AM Yan and C Ojeda-Aristizabal and G Dunn and T Wagberg and A Zettl, NANO LETTERS, 15, 829-834 (2015).

DOI: 10.1021/nl503388f

We examine a variant of so-called carbon nanotube peapods by packing C-60 molecules inside the open edge ducts of collapsed carbon nanotubes. C-60 insertion is accomplished through a facile single-step solution- based process. Theoretical modeling is used to evaluate favorable low- energy structural configurations. Overfilling of the collapsed tubes allows infiltration of C-60 over the full cross-section of the tubes and consequent partial or complete reinflation, yielding few-wall, large diameter cylindrical nanotubes packed with crystalline C-60 solid cores.

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