E-Biothon: an Experimental Platform for BioInformatics

M Dayde and B Depardon and A Franc and JF Gibrat and R Guilllier and Y Karami and F Sutter and B Taddese and M Chabbert and S Therond, TENTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES REVISED SELECTED PAPERS CSIT-2015, 1-4 (2015).

The E-Biothon platform 1 is an experimental Cloud platform to help speed up and advance research in biology, health and environment. It is based on a Blue Gene/P system and a web portal that allow members of the bioinformatics community to easily launch their scientific applications. We describe in this paper the technical capacities of the platform, the different applications supported and finally a set of user experiences on the platform.

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