Phonon Interference and Energy Transport in Nonlinear Lattices with Resonance Defects

YA Kosevich and HX Han and LG Potyomina and AN Darinskii and S Volz, QUODONS IN MICA: NONLINEAR LOCALIZED TRAVELLING EXCITATIONS IN CRYSTALS, 221, 247-263 (2015).

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-21045-2_10

We introduce and model a three-dimensional atomic-scale phononic metamaterial producing two-path interference phonon antiresonances to control the heat flux spectrum. We show that a crystal plane partially filled with defect-atom arrays causes a total phonon reflection at the frequencies determined by masses and interaction forces. Such patterned atomic planes can be considered as high-finesse atomic-scale interference phonon metamirrors. We emphasize the predominant role of the second phonon path and destructive interference in the origin of the total reflection in comparison with the Fano-resonance concept. The random defect distribution in the plane and the anharmonicity of interatomic bonds do not deteriorate the interference antiresonances. The width of the interference antiresonance dip can provide a measure of the coherence length of the phonon wave packet. All our conclusions are confirmed both by analytical studies of the equivalent quasi-one- dimensional lattice models and by numerical molecular dynamics simulations of realistic lattices in three dimensions.

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