Effect of Cross-Linker Length on Epon 828 Resin Properties Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation

SC Chowdhury and RM Elder and TW Sirk and BZ Haque and JW Andzelm and JW Gillespie, PROCEEDINGS OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR COMPOSITES: THIRTIETH TECHNICAL CONFERENCE, 2500-2512 (2015).

Using molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, we study the effect of the length of Jeffamine cross-linker molecules on the thermo-mechanical properties of the Epon 828 epoxy resins. Cross-linked networks are created from stoichiometric mixtures of Epon and Jeffamine using a single-step cross-linking algorithm. We determine the glass transition temperature by gradual cooling from the rubbery state to below room temperature. Then, the networks are subjected to mechanical deformation to determine their mechanical properties, such as modulus and strength. Simulation results show that length of the cross-linker affects the thermo-mechanical properties of the epoxy. Epoxy with shorter cross- linker molecules gives better properties.

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