Supercoiling transformation of chemical gels

M Asai and T Katashima and T Sakai and M Shibayama, SOFT MATTER, 11, 7101-7108 (2015).

DOI: 10.1039/c5sm01550b

The swelling/deswelling behavior of chemical gels has been an unsolved problem disputed over for a long time. The Obukhov-Rubinstein-Colby model depicts the influence that swelling/deswelling has on elasticity, but its physical picture is too complicated to be sufficiently validated by experiment. In this study, we use molecular dynamics simulation to verify the validity of the molecular picture of network strands predicted by the Obukhov-Rubinstein-Colby model. We conclude that the physical picture of the Obukhov-Rubinstein-Colby model is reasonable, and furthermore the simulation can reveal the details of conformational changes in network strands during the supercoiling transformation. Our findings not only reveal the validity, but also give a better understanding of the dynamics of the swelling/deswelling behavior of chemical gels.

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