Polyelectrolyte brushes in external fields: molecular dynamics simulations and mean-field theory

H Merlitz and CW Li and CX Wu and JU Sommer, SOFT MATTER, 11, 5688-5696 (2015).

DOI: 10.1039/c5sm01275a

A mean-field model is developed to predict the layer-thickness of sparse and salt-free polyelectrolyte brushes, exposed to an external electric field, which attracts the polyelectrolytes to the substrate. In molecular dynamics simulations, it is shown that a fraction of polymers collapses entirely to screen the charge of the substrate. The remaining brushes are then treated as field-free brushes at reduced grafting density. The mean-field model may thus be applied to field-free brushes, both in their osmotic and their weak charge regimes. It yields simple, closed equations for the brush height and for the partition of counterions in- and outside the brushes, and accurately reproduces simulation data of the collapse of the brushes during the crossover between both charge regimes.

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