Twin nucleation in Fe-based bcc alloys-modeling and experiments

A Ojha and H Sehitoglu and L Patriarca and HJ Maier, MODELLING AND SIMULATION IN MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, 22, 075010 (2014).

DOI: 10.1088/0965-0393/22/7/075010

We develop an analytical expression for twin nucleation stress in bcc metal and alloys considering generalized planar fault energy and the dislocations bounding the twin nucleus. We minimize the total energy to predict the twinning stress relying only on parameters that are obtained through atomistic calculations, thus excluding the need for any empirical constants. We validate the present approach by means of precise measurements of the onset of twinning in bcc Fe-50at%Cr single crystals showing excellent agreement. The experimental observations of the three activated slip systems of symmetric configuration in relation to the twinning mechanism are demonstrated via transmission electron microscopy techniques along with digital image correlation. We then confirm the validity of the model for Fe, Fe-25at% Ni and Fe-3at% V alloys compared with experiments from the literature to show general applicability.

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