Communication: Molecular-level insights into asymmetric triblock copolymers: Network and phase development

SS Tallury and KP Mineart and S Woloszczuk and DN Williams and RB Thompson and MA Pasquinelli and M Banaszak and RJ Spontak, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 141, 121103 (2014).

DOI: 10.1063/1.4896612

Molecularly asymmetric triblock copolymers progressively grown from a parent diblock copolymer can be used to elucidate the phase and property transformation from diblock to network-forming triblock copolymer. In this study, we use several theoretical formalisms and simulation methods to examine the molecular-level characteristics accompanying this transformation, and show that reported macroscopic-level transitions correspond to the onset of an equilibrium network. Midblock conformational fractions and copolymer morphologies are provided as functions of copolymer composition and temperature. (C) 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.

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