Micellization Properties of Theta-Shaped, Figure-Eight-Shaped and Linked Rings Copolymers

A Kalogirou and OA Moultos and LN Gergidis and C Vlahos, MACROMOLECULES, 47, 5851-5859 (2014).

DOI: 10.1021/ma501053d

The micellization behavior of Theta-shaped, figureeight-shaped, and linked rings copolymers is studied by means of molecular dynamics simulations with Langevin thermostat. The properties of interest were the critical micelle concentration, the mean aggregation number and the shape of the micelle. We found that the Theta-shaped copolymers form micelles with preferential aggregation numbers. The shape of these micelles is spherical with elongated spherical cores. The homo figure- eight-shaped copolymers also form spherical micelles with preferential aggregation numbers and elongated spherical cores. The mikto figure- eight-shaped and the linked rings copolymers form wormlike or superstructured micelles with a wide range of aggregation numbers. Our simulation results on cmc and the micelles mass distribution are compared with existing experimental findings for the homo and mikto figure-eight-shaped copolymers.

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