Size-dependent elastic moduli and vibrational properties of fivefold twinned copper nanowires

YG Zheng and YT Zhao and HF Ye and HW Zhang, NANOTECHNOLOGY, 25, 315701 (2014).

DOI: 10.1088/0957-4484/25/31/315701

Based on atomistic simulations, the elastic moduli and vibration behaviors of fivefold twinned copper nanowires are investigated in this paper. Simulation results show that the elastic (i.e., Young's and shear) moduli exhibit size dependence due to the surface effect. The effective Young's modulus is found to decrease slightly whereas the effective shear modulus increases slightly with the increase in the wire radius. Both moduli tend to approach certain values at a larger radius and can be suitably described by core-shell composite structure models. Furthermore, we show by comparing simulation results and continuum predictions that, provided the effective Young's and shear moduli are used, classic elastic theory can be applied to describe the small- amplitude vibration of fivefold twinned copper nanowires. Moreover, for the transverse vibration, the Timoshenko beam model is more suitable because shear deformation becomes apparent.

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