XH Meng and M Li and YL Xing and ZY Bai, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED MECHANICS, 6, 1450036 (2014).

DOI: 10.1142/S1758825114500367

In this paper, a theoretical model based on the finite deformation beam theory is established to study the self-assembled behavior of graphene around a nanotube due to the van der Waals interactions. The morphology of graphene, governed by the nanotube diameter, is quantitatively determined by using the energy minimization approach in the theoretical model. From present results, it is demonstrated that the morphology of graphene predicted by the theoretical model agrees well with those obtained in molecular dynamics simulations. Furthermore, the influence of nanotube diameter, the binding energy and bending rigidity on the morphology of graphene has been investigated. It is found that the nanotube diameter has remarkable effect on the morphology of graphene while the morphology has tiny change with the change of binding energy. We hope that the present results offer the guideline in design of nanoelectronics based on graphene.

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