Response of osteoblast-like MG63 on neoglycosylated collagen matrices

L Russo and A Sgambato and P Giannoni and R Quarto and S Vesentini and A Gautieri and L Cipolla, MEDCHEMCOMM, 5, 1208-1212 (2014).

DOI: 10.1039/c4md00056k

Biomaterial surface properties, via introduction of specific signal biomolecules can influence cell adhesion and differentiation processes. Inspired by the monosaccharide motifs found in collagen glycosylation patterns, galactose being one of the most commonly found saccharidic residues, collagen matrices were modified in order to expose galactose residues to cells. The interaction of chemically neoglycosylated matrices was evaluated with osteosarcoma-derived cell line MG63.

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