In-silico investigation of Rayleigh instability in ultra-thin copper nanowire in premelting regime

A Dutta and S Chatterjee and AK Raychaudhuri and A Moitra and T Saha- Dasgupta, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 115, 244303 (2014).

DOI: 10.1063/1.4885044

Motivated by the recent experimental reports, we explore the formation of Rayleigh-like instability in metallic nanowires during the solid state annealing, a concept originally introduced for liquid columns. Our molecular dynamics study using realistic interatomic potential reveals instability induced pattern formation at temperatures even below the melting temperature of the wire, in accordance with the experimental observations. We find that this is driven by the surface diffusion, which causes plastic slips in the system initiating necking in the nanowire. We further find the surface dominated mass-transport is of subdiffusive nature with time exponent less than unity. Our study provides an atomistic perspective of the instability formation in nanostructured solid phase. (C) 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.

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