Reorientation of a dipolar monolayer and dipolar solvent

T Yi and S Lichter, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 89, 062404 (2014).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.89.062404

The reliable persistence of an adhered monolayer film on a substrate is critical for film function. The process by which monolayers degrade or disperse remains unclear. Our study investigates the properties and dynamics of a solute of dipolar molecules initially adhered as a monolayer on a substrate in a water-like Stockmayer solvent. We find that for a rigid solute, both the solute and solvent show qualitatively different dynamics than for a flexible solute and its solvent. For the rigid solute, spreading is hindered and solvent orientation is more pronounced. We formulate a simple kinetic model that shows qualitatively similar results to the molecular dynamics simulations of the time evolution of the monolayer. Simple kinetics of molecules on substrates is a starting point for understanding important industrial monolayer applications and complex interactions on membranes.

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