Influence of Temperature Dependence of Bulk Modulus on Crack Propagation Velocity

D Pilipenko and Y Natanzon and H Emmerich, JOURNAL OF CERAMIC SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 5, 77-81 (2014).

DOI: 10.4416/JCST2013-00033

Multiscale modeling of crack propagation in homogeneously heated aluminium oxide is presented. It is known that the crack propagation velocity depends on both the bulk modulus and surface energy of a material. The temperature dependence of surface energy is often ignored owing to the difficulty associated with obtaining a reliable measurement. Such dependence was calculated in atomic-scale calculations by means of Molecular Dynamics with MEAM potential. The dependence shows a linear decrease with an increase in temperature. The MD results are used as input for phase field simulations of fracture. It is shown that if only the temperature dependence of the bulk modulus is taken into account the crack velocity decreases by 30 %. However, only a 2 % decrease is observed when both the temperature dependence of surface energy and bulk modulus are considered.

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