Calculation of diffusion coefficients of defects and ions in UO2

AY Kuksin and DE Smirnova, PHYSICS OF THE SOLID STATE, 56, 1214-1223 (2014).

DOI: 10.1134/S1063783414060201

This paper has presented molecular dynamics calculations of the diffusion coefficients of interstitials, vacancies, and vacancy complexes of oxygen and uranium in UO2, as well as the coefficients of ion diffusion provided by these defects. The interatomic potentials have been chosen by comparing the defect formation energies with data of the DFT + U calculations. The results of the calculations have been compared with experimental data on the annealing of defects and the measurements of self-diffusion coefficients of ions. The limitations of the model of point defects for the description of the self-diffusion in nominally stoichiometric UO2 have been discussed.

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