Energy-conserving dissipative particle dynamics with temperature- dependent properties

Z Li and YH Tang and H Lei and B Caswell and GE Karniadakis, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS, 265, 113-127 (2014).

DOI: 10.1016/

The dynamic properties of fluid, including diffusivity and viscosity, are temperature-dependent and can significantly influence the flow dynamics of mesoscopic non-isothermal systems. To capture the correct temperature-dependence of a fluid, an energy-conserving dissipative particle dynamics (eDPD) model is developed by expressing the weighting terms of the dissipative force and the random force as functions of temperature. The diffusivity and viscosity of liquid water at various temperatures ranging from 273 K to 373 K are used as examples for verifying the proposed model. Simulations of a Poiseuille flow and a steady case of heat conduction for reproducing the Fourier law are carried out to validate the present eDPD formulation and the thermal boundary conditions. Results show that the present eDPD model recovers the standard DPD model when isothermal fluid systems are considered. For non-isothermal fluid systems, the present model can predict the diffusivity and viscosity consistent with available experimental data of liquid water at various temperatures. Moreover, an analytical formula for determining the mesoscopic heat friction is proposed. The validity of the formula is confirmed by reproducing the experimental data for Prandtl number of liquid water at various temperatures. The proposed method is demonstrated in water but it can be readily extended to other liquids. (C) 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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