Deformation twinning and plastic recovery in Cu/Ag nanolayers under uniaxial tensile straining

RZ Li and HB Chew, PHILOSOPHICAL MAGAZINE LETTERS, 94, 260-268 (2014).

DOI: 10.1080/09500839.2014.893063

Molecular dynamics simulations of nanoscale multilayered Cu/Ag metals have been conducted under uniaxial tensile straining to elucidate the out-of-plane deformation behaviour relevant to tensile spallation experiments. In nanolayers with pristine architectures, plastic dissipation prior to crack nucleation is suppressed owing to the high hydrostatic tensile stress state. The presence of sources for micro- twinning partials, such as micro-cracks or columnar grain boundaries, result in abundant deformation twin lamellae across multiple Cu/Ag interlayers. Plastic recovery is observed during unloading of the nanolayers.

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