Influence of a Strain Rate and Temperature on the Crack Tip Stress and Microstructure Evolution of Monocrystalline Nickel: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation

WP Wu and ZZ Yao, STRENGTH OF MATERIALS, 46, 164-171 (2014).

DOI: 10.1007/s11223-014-9531-0

The effect of a strain rate and temperature on the crack tip stress and microstructure evolution ahead of a growing crack in monocrystalline nickel are studied by molecular dynamics simulations. The correlation between the microstructure evolution and stress field near the crack tip is also explored. The results indicate that the crack tip stress distribution characteristics and crack propagation dynamics are closely related to the microstructure evolution caused by the change of the strain rate and temperature. At a lower strain rate and temperature, the crack propagates by the brittle mechanism without inducing the change in atomic configuration near the crack tip. The stress concentration occurs at the crack tip of a growing crack. The crack propagation exhibits a gradual brittle-to-ductile transition with an increase in temperature and a strain rate. The peak stress is accompanied by the microstructure evolution ahead of the crack tip.

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