Process modeling for advanced device technologies

SM Cea and S Botelho and A Chaudhry and P Fleischmann and MD Giles and A Grigoriev and A Kaushik and PH Keys and HW Kennel and AD Lilak and R Mehandru and M Stettler and B Voinov and N Voynich and C Weber and N Zhavoronok, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL ELECTRONICS, 13, 18-32 (2014).

DOI: 10.1007/s10825-013-0491-6

Front end process simulation is an invaluable tool in assessing current and future process options. This review describes the application of process simulation in modeling geometry, doping and stress effects in advanced logic processes. Continuum and atomistic approaches, both necessary to capture the physics involved with the most advanced options, are discussed. Also detailed are advancements in numerical techniques which enable the efficient and robust simulation necessary to keep pace with technology development.

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