Tunable Mechanical Behavior of Carbon Nanoscroll Crystals Under Uniaxial Lateral Compression

XH Shi and QF Yin and NM Pugno and HJ Gao, JOURNAL OF APPLIED MECHANICS- TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME, 81, 021014 (2014).

DOI: 10.1115/1.4024418

A theoretical model is developed to investigate the mechanical behavior of closely packed carbon nanoscrolls (CNSs), the so-called CNS crystals, subjected to uniaxial lateral compression/ decompression. Molecular dynamics simulations are performed to verify the model predictions. It is shown that the compression behavior of a CNS crystal can exhibit strong hysteresis that may be tuned by an applied electric field. The present study demonstrates the potential of CNSs for applications in energy-absorbing materials as well as nanodevices, such as artificial muscles, where reversible and controllable volumetric deformations are desired.

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