A study of abrasive rotating velocity effect on monocrystalline silicon in ultra-precision mechanical polishing via molecular dynamic simulation

YH Yang and HW Zhao and HD Liu and L Zhang, MICRO-NANO TECHNOLOGY XV, 609-610, 362-369 (2014).

DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.609-610.362

A three-dimensional molecular dynamics (MD) simulation is conducted to investigate the effect of the abrasive rotating velocity on monocrystalline silicon specimen by mechanical polishing at atomistic scale. By monitoring relative positions of atoms in the monocrystalline silicon specimen, the microstructure of monocrystalline silicon is clearly identified and analyzed. The simulation results show that better machined surface quality is obtained and more phase transformation atoms occur with small abrasive rotating velocity. When the abrasive rotating is high, the surface quality deteriorates and amorphous layer thickens. These results provide us an effective approach to analyze the mechanism of material deformation and the formation of the machined surface after ultra-precision polishing.

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