Electronic band Structure and Photoemission Spectra of Graphene on Silicon Substrate

B Javvaji and A Ravikumar and BM Shenoy and DR Mahapatra and MR Rahman and GM Hegde, PHYSICS AND SIMULATION OF OPTOELECTRONIC DEVICES XXII, 8980, UNSP 89801B (2014).

DOI: 10.1117/12.2042576

Synergizing graphene on silicon based nanostructures is pivotal in advancing nano-electronic device technology. A combination of molecular dynamics and density functional theory has been used to predict the electronic energy band structure and photo-emission spectrum for graphene-Si system with silicon as a substrate for graphene. The equilibrium geometry of the system after energy minimization is obtained from molecular dynamics simulations. For the stable geometry obtained, density functional theory calculations are employed to determine the energy band structure and dielectric constant of the system. Further the work function of the system which is a direct consequence of photoemission spectrum is calculated from the energy band structure using random phase approximations.

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