Existence of a Glassy Layer in the Polymer-Nanosheet Interface: Evidence from Molecular Dynamics

YY Gao and J Liu and LQ Zhang and DP Cao, MACROMOLECULAR THEORY AND SIMULATIONS, 23, 36-48 (2014).

DOI: 10.1002/mats.201300127

The interfacial polymer-nanosheet behavior is investigated to fully understand the interfacial interaction mechanism. The emphasis is placed on the discussion whether a polymer glassy layer in the proximity of the nanosheet exists or not. Results indicate that a polymer glassy layer actually exists near the nanosheet surface for strongly attractive interfacial interaction. Moreover, the glass transition temperatures at different interfacial interactions are explored, and a gradient of polymer chain dynamics near the nanosheet surface is observed. In short, this work provides a valuable reference for understanding polymer- nanosheet interfacial behavior.

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