Can Inter-VM Shmem Benefit MPI Applications on SR-IOV Based Virtualized Infiniband Clusters?

J Zhang and XY Lu and J Jose and R Shi and DK Panda, EURO-PAR 2014 PARALLEL PROCESSING, 8632, 342-353 (2014).

Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) technology has been introduced for high-performance interconnects such as InfiniBand. Recent studies mainly focus on performance characteristics of high-performance communication middleware (e.g. MPI) and applications on SR-IOV enabled HPC clusters. However, current SR-IOV based MPI applications do not take advantage of the locality-aware communication on intra-host inter-VM environment. Although Inter-VM Shared Memory (IVShmem) has been proven to support efficient locality-aware communication, the performance benefits of IVShmem for MPI libraries on virtualized environments are yet to be explored. In this paper, we present a comprehensive performance evaluation for IVShmem backed MPI using micro-benchmarks and HPC applications. The performance evaluations show that, through IVShmem, the performance of MPI point-to-point and collective operations can be improved up to 193% and 91%, respectively. The application performance can be improved up to 96%, compared to SR-IOV. The results further show that IVShmem just brings minor overhead compared to native environment.

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