Molecular dynamics simulation of deformation in plates on their oblique impact

SP Kiselev, PHYSICAL MESOMECHANICS, 16, 303-311 (2013).

DOI: 10.1134/S1029959913040048

The paper presents numerical results of molecular dynamics simulation of deformation in aluminum plates on their oblique impact. Symmetric and asymmetric impacts of the plates are considered. On symmetric impact, the shock waves are symmetric, and on asymmetric impact, the shock waves are asymmetric and their crests assume a vortex form. It is shown that on asymmetric impact, the wavelength is one and a half times larger than that on symmetric impact. The deformation and the atomic structure of the plates in the vicinity of their contact interface after welding are studied. It is shown that the material is melted in a thin layer near the contact interface. Away from the contact interface, single crystal- to-polycrystal transformation takes place.

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