Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Tensile Deformation of Ti-Al Nano-Rod with Low Al Content

XY Zhang and B Zhang and C Li and KC Zhou, RARE METAL MATERIALS AND ENGINEERING, 42, 2057-2062 (2013).

The uniaxial tensile deformation of Ti-Al nano-rod was studied by molecular dynamics simulation. The influence of strain rate, temperature and Al content on the stress-strain curve and the plastic deformation behavior were analyzed. The Ti-Al nano-rods have the higher yield strength and better ductility than macro material. The slipping of (0001) plane and the formation of 10 (1) over bar2<10<(1)over bar>1> as well as 10 (1) over bar1<10<(1)over bar>2> twinning are the dominant mechanism of the plastic deformation. The lower strain rate and higher deformation temperature decrease the yield strength and then benefit the plastic deformation. The increasing of Al content in Ti-Al reduces the ductility, which results in the earlier necking and cracking.

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