Study of nanoscratching of polymers by using molecular dynamics simulations

DD Yuan and PZ Zhu and FZ Fang and C Qiu, SCIENCE CHINA-PHYSICS MECHANICS & ASTRONOMY, 56, 1760-1769 (2013).

DOI: 10.1007/s11433-013-5286-z

Molecular dynamic simulations are performed to study the nanoscratching behavior of polymers. The effects of scratching depth, scratching velocity and indenter/polymer interaction strength are investigated. It is found that polymer material in the scratching zone around the indenter can be removed in a ductile manner as the local temperature in the scratching zone exceeds glass transition temperature T (g) . The recovery of polymer can be more significant when the temperature approaches or exceeds T (g) . The tangential force, normal force and friction coefficient increase as the scratching depth increases. A larger scratching velocity leads to more material deformation and higher pile-up. The tangential force and normal force are larger for a larger scratching velocity whereas the friction coefficient is almost independent of the scratching velocities studied. It is also found that stronger indenter/polymer interaction strength results in a larger tangential force and friction coefficient.

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