Numerical and experimental simulation of wave formation during explosion welding

SK Godunov and SP Kiselev and IM Kulikov and VI Mali, PROCEEDINGS OF THE STEKLOV INSTITUTE OF MATHEMATICS, 281, 12-26 (2013).

DOI: 10.1134/S0081543813040032

The results of numerical and experimental simulation of wave formation under an oblique impact of metal plates during explosion welding are presented. The numerical simulation was carried out on the basis of the Maxwell relaxation model and by a molecular dynamics method. In the experiments, the impact of metal plates was investigated with X-ray radiography of phenomena in front of and behind the point of contact, and the preserved samples were studied metallographically. It is shown that the numerical simulation correctly reproduces the formation and evolution of waves on the contact boundary. Simultaneously, constraints are pointed out that prohibit the use of the elastoplastic model in the impact zone of the plates starting from the moment when the material of the plate in this zone is decomposed into thin jets. In this zone, the dependence of the specific deformation energy E on the tensor C (j) (i) is no longer described by a convex function. It is this fact that motivated the transition to the molecular dynamics model.

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