The Formation of Molecular Junctions between Graphene Sheets

X Wu and HY Zhao and ML Zhong and H Murakawa and M Tsukamoto, MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS, 54, 940-946 (2013).

DOI: 10.2320/matertrans.MD201213

Based on molecular dynamics simulations, the formation possibility of molecular junctions between two tailored graphene sheets under ultrafast laser irradiation was investigated. It was found that single layer graphene sheet can survive under significantly high intensity of laser beam. The fluctuations of graphene sheets in the plane and out of plane under laser irradiation provided the "driving power" for the possible joining process. The relative position of two graphene sheets can influence the joining difficulties and this influence was found to be attributed to the dangling bonds of edges. The saturation of dangling bonds can prompt the self-assembly of carbon networks in the joining area and lead to the connection of two graphene sheets.

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