Thermomechanical properties of a single hexagonal boron nitride sheet

SK Singh and M Neek-Amal and S Costamagna and FM Peeters, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 87, 184106 (2013).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.87.184106

Using atomistic simulations we investigate the thermodynamical properties of a single atomic layer of hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN). The thermal induced ripples, heat capacity, and thermal lattice expansion of large scale h-BN sheets are determined and compared to those found for graphene (GE) for temperatures up to 1000 K. By analyzing the mean-square height fluctuations < h(2)> and the height- height correlation function H(q) we found that the h-BN sheet is a less stiff material as compared to graphene. The bending rigidity of h-BN (i) is about 16% smaller than the one of GE at room temperature (300 K), and (ii) increases with temperature as in GE. The difference in stiffness between h-BN and GE results in unequal responses to external uniaxial and shear stress and different buckling transitions. In contrast to a GE sheet, the buckling transition of a h-BN sheet depends strongly on the direction of the applied compression. The molar heat capacity, thermal- expansion coefficient, and Gruneisen parameter are estimated to be 25.2 J mol(-1) K-1, 7.2 x 10(-6) K-1, and 0.89, respectively.

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