On the plasticity event in metallic glass

WD Liu and HH Ruan and LC Zhang, PHILOSOPHICAL MAGAZINE LETTERS, 93, 158-165 (2013).

DOI: 10.1080/09500839.2012.755270

Based on a systematic molecular dynamics analysis, this study reveals that plastic deformation of metallic glass is not through a uniform configuration change but via many localized plasticity events. These events are manifested by the atomic clusters of high kinetic energy and high strain rate, emerging even in the elastic deformation regime. The life of such a plasticity event is on the order of 10(-12)s, during which the distribution of kinetic energy follows a power law. The study shows that yielding in metallic glass occurs at the sudden surge point of the number of plasticity events. In the steady plastic deformation regime, the continuous nucleation and annihilation of the plastic events lead to a steady flow stress and stabilized total potential energy.

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