Activation of Slip Systems and Shape Changes during Deformation of Single Crystal Copper: A Molecular Dynamics Study

S Rawat and VM Chavan and M Warrier and S Chaturvedi and S Sharma and RJ Patel, SOLID STATE PHYSICS, VOL 57, 1512, 84-85 (2013).

DOI: 10.1063/1.4790922

Single crystal copper is uniaxially compressed under uniaxial stress loading conditions using the classical molecular dynamics code LAMMPS. The dynamic compression of single crystal copper is performed at 5x10(9)/s strain rate along < 100 > and < 110 > crystal directions. The expected slip directions during the deformation of single crystal copper along < 100 > and < 110 > directions are reproduced. For < 110 > loading direction, the deformation of single crystal copper is large along one dimension compared to < 100 > loading direction where deformation of single crystal copper takes place in both the directions in equal proportionate. This is in agreement with what we have observed in high strain rate (10(3)/s strain rate) experiments on single crystal copper loaded along < 100 > and < 110 > directions.

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