Determination of free energy of the crystal-melt interface

VV Pisarev, HIGH TEMPERATURE, 50, 717-721 (2012).

DOI: 10.1134/S0018151X1205015X

The results of calculation of the free energy gamma of the crystal-melt interface using the molecular dynamics method are presented. The interfacial energy is determined from analysis of the capillary fluctuations spectrum in the two-phase system. The free energy values of the crystal-melt interface are found for aluminum on the melting line in the temperature range of 935 to 1110 K. The anisotropy value of the interfacial free energy is estimated for different interface orientations. It is shown that the free energy values for the basic planes are arranged in the order gamma(100) > gamma(110) > gamma(111). It is revealed that the free energy of the crystalmelt interface increases with the rise in temperature along the melting line.

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