Thermal Transport in Functionalized Graphene

JY Kim and JH Lee and JC Grossman, ACS NANO, 6, 9050-9057 (2012).

DOI: 10.1021/nn3031595

We investigate the effects of two-dimensional (2D) periodic patterns of functional groups on the thermal transport in a graphene monolayer by employing molecular and lattice dynamics simulations. Our calculations show that the use of patterned 2D shapes on graphene reduces the room temperature thermal conductivity, by as much as 40 times lower than that of the pristine monolayer, due to a combination of boundary and clamping effects. Lattice dynamics calculations elucidate the correlation between this large reduction in thermal conductivity and two dynamical properties of the main heat carrying phonon modes: (1) decreased phonon lifetimes by an order of magnitude due to scattering, and (2) direction- dependent group velocities arising from phonon confinement. Taken together, these results suggest that patterned graphene nanoroads provide a method for tuning the thermal conductivity of graphene without the introduction of defects In the lattice, opening an important possibility for thermoelectric applications.

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