Analysis of interfacial mechanical properties of carbon nanotube-polymer composite

ZQ Zhang and GG Cheng and Z Liu and YB Xue and JN Ding and ZY Ling, ACTA PHYSICA SINICA, 61, 126202 (2012).

In this paper, the interfacial mechanical properties of carbon nanotube- polyethylene (CNT-PE) composite are investigated by using classical molecular dynamics simulation. Basd on the simulations for the CNT pulling-out process from the PE, the influences of the CNT sliding velocity, the chain length of PE and the radius of CNT on the interfacial shear stress are explored. As the chain length of PE increases, the critical interfacial shear stress increases remarkably while the sliding shear stress increases slightly. Both the critical shear stress and the sliding shear stress increase with the radius of CNT enlarging. Moreover, the mechanism for the variation of interfacial shear stress is analyzed and discussed.

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