Atomistic simulation of laser ablation of gold: Effect of pressure relaxation

GE Norman and SV Starikov and VV Stegailov, JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL AND THEORETICAL PHYSICS, 114, 792-800 (2012).

DOI: 10.1134/S1063776112040115

The process of ablation of a gold target by femto- and picosecond laser radiation pulses has been studied by numerical simulations using an atomistic model with allowance for the electron subsystem and the dependence of the ion-ion interaction potential on the electron temperature. Using this potential, it is possible to take into account the change in the physical properties of the ion subsystem as a result of heating of the electron subsystem. The results of simulations reveal a significant difference between the characteristics of metal ablation by laser pulses of various durations. For ablation with subpicosecond pulses, two mechanisms of metal fracture related to the evolution of electronic pressure in the system are established.

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