Diffusion and segregation of silver in copper Sigma 5(310) grain boundary

SV Divinski and H Edelhoff, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 85, 144104 (2012).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.85.144104

Grain boundary diffusion of Ag-110m in Cu Sigma 5(310) bicrystal is measured along and perpendicular to the 001 tilt axis in both C and B kinetic regimes after the common Harrison's classification. The grain boundary diffusion coefficients, D-gb, of the single grain boundary in a true dilute limit of solute concentration are determined in the C kinetic regime and the values of the triple products P = s . delta . D-gb are measured in the B regime (here s and delta are the segregation factor and the diffusional grain boundary width, respectively). A strong anisotropy of the grain boundary diffusion is established, which disappears above 826 K. It is the point at which the triple product P demonstrates a downward deviation from the otherwise linear Arrhenius dependence at lower temperatures. These results substantiate a temperature-induced disordering transition of the grain boundary structure. The anisotropy of the product s . delta for the Sigma 5(310) grain boundary is estimated.

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