Elastic depinning transition for superconductor vortices

N Di Scala and E Olive and Y Lansac and Y Fily and JC Soret, 26TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON LOW TEMPERATURE PHYSICS (LT26), PTS 1-5, 400, UNSP 022015 (2012).

DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/400/2/022015

We present 2D numerical simulation results of vortex lattices driven over a random disorder. We study the vortex dynamics at the depinning threshold F-c for weak disorder at zero temperature. Elastic regimes are analysed in the framework of a second order phase transition where the velocity response v to the driving force F behaves like v similar to (F - F-c)(beta). The exponent beta = 0.27 +/- 0.04 is extracted from the critical region of several large lattice sizes.

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