Calculation of inter-plane thermal resistance of few-layer graphene from equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations

Y Ni and Y Chalopin and S Volz, 6TH EUROPEAN THERMAL SCIENCES CONFERENCE (EUROTHERM 2012), 395, 012106 (2012).

DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/395/1/012106

Inter-plane thermal resistance in 5-layer graphene is calculated from equilibrium molecular dynamics (EMD) by calculating the autocorrelation function of temperature difference. Our simulated inter-plane resistance for 5-layer graphene is 4.83 x 10(9) m(2)K/W. This data is in the same order of magnitude with the reported values from NEMD simulations and Debye model calculations, and the possible reasons for the slight differences are discussed in details. The inter-plane resistance is not dependent on temperature, according to the results of the EMD simulation. Phonon density of states (DOSs) were plotted to better understand the mechanism behind the obtained values. These results provide a better insight in the heat transfer across a few layer graphene and yield useful information on the design of graphene based thermal materials.

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