Influence of Pre-exsiting Surface Defects on the Vibrational Properties of Ag Nanowires

HF Zhan and YT Gu and PKDV Yarlagadda and C Yan, 2012 12TH IEEE CONFERENCE ON NANOTECHNOLOGY (IEEE-NANO) (2012).

Large-scale molecular dynamics simulations are performed to characterize the effects of pre-existing surface defects on the vibrational properties of Ag nanowires. It is found that the first order natural frequency of the nanowire appears insensitive to different surface defects, indicating a defect insensitivity property of the nanowire's Young's modulus. In the meanwhile, an increase of the quality (Q)factor is observed due to the presence of defects. Particular, a beat phenomenon is observed for the nanowire with the presence of a surface edge defect, which is driven by a single actuation. It is concluded that different surface defects could act as an effective mean to tune the vibrational properties of nanowires. This study sheds lights on the better understanding of nanowire's mechanical performance when surface defects are presented, which would benefit the development of nanowire- based devices.

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